Birthday Greeting

Today it is your birthday,
Full of wonders for you to share,
As no one knows what the day will bring.
But greetings coming your way,
True feelings from those who care,
As one by one to you we begin to sing.

A day for you to treasure,
As it comes but once a year,
Each moment filled with feeling warm and true.
Let's hope the day brings pleasure,
And fills your heart with cheer,
With warm and tender feelings just for you.

So today it is your birthday,
And to you I simply say,
This day is blessed with only you in mind.
I hope this day is happy,
And shared in such a way,
That warm and tender feelings are all you find.

All of your sisters at the Heart Of Friendship
have gathered to help celebrate your birthday
Please accept these gifts with all our love



Music is
'In The Morning Light'

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