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my VW Beetle

Having a car was strange and great to have. I really had to learn to drive in this car.

I bought this car on Januari 1991

Ride with around the clock counter

I moved with this car several times. It drove me to my work.

On my treetours you see often Heartbeat in the backgrounds



It was (almost) ready for a new drive.

I had some accidents with my beetle. My life changed (another job, new boyfriends, new home) but my beetle was always there when I need him.

But sometimes the bills of the garage grows also. Sometimes they really fixed it but sometimes problems still stays.


Art. From my book Queeste Past the Horizon

(see also on http://www.reginajansen.nl)


We made some miles together.

I took old animals from everywhere with the beetle. This shepperd I took from Belgium, a long and cold ride...

Last House. Last miles...

Every time the bill grew and grew and it was too much at the end to keep the beetle on the road

The final curtain falls.

My beetle broke.

The End.


He went to a Beetlelover who can use some parts. 

My Beetle was from December 1970.

Oh the sound of the engine... The smell...

The miles and the adventures. 

I never ever shall forget Heartbeat.

....all the memories....