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Welcome nightblossom to the Garden of Friendship.  I'm sure you'll love it here.

Love and hugs
Lady Care

Welcome to the Garden of Friendship.

Love and hugs
Lady Care

Hello Regina
On behalf of myself and the other Garden Keepers I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Garden Of Friendship.  We are very happy to have you join us.
We know you will enjoy your time here as there is lots to do and lots of friendships awaiting to be made.
Please take some time to look around our Garden and if you have any questions or need anything we will be happy to help.
Please find a welcome gift attached and enjoy yourself in the Garden Of Friendship.
The Garden Keepers

Hi Regina
I will be  your Special Friend for a little while *s*.
I will pop into your email box every so often.
My home is on 200 acres in Queensland, Australia and I have been in the Garden of
Friendship since January, 2002.
Look forward to getting to know you in coming months.
Margaret C
Special Friend
Margarets Pages


Hi Regina
Just popping into your email box with one of my Special Friends gift for you.
Have a good week.
Margaret C
Special Friends, Garden of Friendship
Hi Regina
Hope you had a wonderful weekend *s*
The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with,
never saying a word,  and walk away feeling like that
was the best conversation you've had. 
Margaret C
Special Friends, Garden of Friendship
Dear Regina


Hello once more from your Garden of Friendship "Special Friend".
Kindness is tenderness.
Kindness is love, but perhaps greater than love...
Kindness is good will.
Kindness says, "I want you to be happy."
Margaret C
Special Friend Committee


Hi Regina
A gift for you today, from your Garden of Friendship Special Friend.
Margaret C
Special Friends Committee


Hi Regina
We are in our Autumn Season now, and the temperatures are more comfortable.
The best part of the day is early - around sun-rise which I can enjoy from the back verandah of my home on our farm, with my early cuppa.
Hope you have a good week.
Margaret C
Special Friends Committee


Hi Regina
Your GOF Special Friend is calling in again *s*.
Attached is a photo of a small dam we have on a spring fed creek on our farm.  Very peaceful
and looks lovely when not in drought.
My older daughter took the photo over 2 years ago and won a 1st prize at our local show with her entry.
Margaret C


To:  Special Occasion Committee
From:  Barbara
Date:  April 15, 2011
Sweet Received: Taste Tantalizing Chocolates
Comment: Thanks for being such awesome SOC members. I appreciate each one of all rock! Hugs, Barbara
Hi Regina
Hope you are having a great week *S*.
Your Special Friend
Garden of Friendship
May 2011 Joined the Photography Group
Dear Regina
This Special Friend visit contains a lovely little poem I found.
Enjoy your week.
Margaret C
Special Friends Committee
Garden of Friendship
A Friend Is Like...
A friend is like a forest,
Or a lovely, calm blue sea,
A refuge from life’s problems,
As only a friend can be.
A friend is like a song,
Soothing to the brain,
Distracting us from trouble,
Neutralizing pain.
A friend is like some ice cream
On a sweltering summer day,
Making life delicious,
In a friend’s own special way.
A friend is like a blanket,
Bringing peace and rest,
A cocoon of warmth and pleasure;
When we are tired or stressed.
A friend is a bit of everything
That makes life good and sweet,
And you, my friend, are all that;
You make my life complete!
By Joanna Fuchs
Hi Regina
Another visit from your Special Friend.
Hope you have a fabulous week.
Margaret C
Special Friends Committee
Garden of Friendship
Hi  Regina
Just calling by on my regular Special Friends  Committee visits.
Hope you have a fabulous week.
Margaret C
Special Friends Committee
Garden of Friendship
Dear Regina
This will be my last email to you as your Garden Special Friend. 
I am going on LOA for 5 weeks to travel overseas.
I have enjoyed sending you greetings as a Special Friend these past few months, and I
hope you enjoyed hearing from me.
You will soon have a new Special Friend
Wishing you happy days and weeks ahead in our lovely Garden of Friendship.
Margaret C - - -

Regina and Ronnie are celebrating an anniversary today!!

June 2, 2011

Your Garden of Friendship Family wanted to help you celebrate with the following gift:

  Regina's email address is

Regina's website is:

These beautiful pages were created by Tammy!

These pages are yours to keep. Please feel free to link to them from your homepage.

Your special quilt made for you by The Quilters Committee


Thank you's can be directed to Barbara.
A selection of Thank You notes is available for the graphically challenged at


We hope you enjoy your special day!

Special Occasions Committee
The Garden of Friendship


Wishing you both a wonderful anniversary..huggles :-)

Happy Anniversary, Regina...


Happy Anniversary, Regina!
I hope you and Ronnie are having a great day!


regina and ronnie

Kuntry Sue
Ugglemor Criccia
Orca Diane
Shellsternic tammy Kat
aletha Selena

Your quilt will remain here for 30 days, after which time
it will be zipped up and emailed to you.
date june 2

All ideas, concepts and contents, including text, backgrounds
and graphics are owned by The Garden of Friendship and
it's members unless otherwise noted and should not be
taken or duplicated without expressed written consent.
©Copyright 2000 and beyond The Garden of Friendship


How very kind of you. I appreciate this lovely gift.

Hi Regina,
I just wanted to thank you for the flower you sent me, it means alot to me as well as your kind words did :) You and all the other members of SOS are so terrific it makes being the CL alot of fun!
Good morning dear Regina!

This was such a wonderful surprise you gave me with the "Iris" from the GOF Flowershop, it truly warmed my heart.

I am glad to meet you in the Photogroup and you are such a nice person.

Thank you again, what for a wonderful way to start in the Sunday :-)

Hugs and Love,

Hello Regina,

The Garden Keepers want to Congratulate you on your recieving the Most Active Award for the Special Occasion Committee. I am attching a little gift for you from the Garden Keepers.




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