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ABBA (related)


Special and really rare ABBA concert photo's from 1977.

Sometimes the quality isnt great.

Taken from the tv. It is not often that ABBA was in their glory days on tv

Unique Frida pictures

Special Agnetha (after ABBA) photo's

And her real signature. I feel so honored she did that for me. That was in 1983.



Mamma Mia

Dutch Cast Mamma Mia

Dolly Dots

the dutch womens group with

special pics and signings of the ladies herself.



Meeting with the Dolly Dots

More: http://www.dollydots.org/

Van Dolly Dot Patty:


Moeder van Angéla Kramer

En Angéla

Dolly Dots Arnhem 2008



Famous Dutch People

Diffent kind of famous dutch people

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Famous People of the World


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Famous Dutch People

Diffent kind of famous dutch people

A rainy Gay Parade Amsterdam 2010


Beau van Erven Dorens

En Willeke Alberti


Ed Nijpels politicus en bestuurder

Danny de Munk zanger



Lange Frans

Patricia Paay


Glamour Dolls Arnhem

Robin (dochter Anita) Rosita en Charlotte



Frank Boeien

Boudewijn de Groot

Erwin Nijhoff


Famous People of the World


Valerie Landsburg

from Kids from Fame



Sandra van Nieuwland